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Chamber Works


Toccata Diabolique, for virtual organ, 2010

In the City: a Piano Cycle for Four Pianos, 2009

Der Grosse Waldteufel, for wind quintet, 2001

Five Bagatelles, for clarinet, trumpet, piano, and percussion, 2000

Shards of Memory, for piano trio, 1999

Ornamentia: Ornament Madness, for woodwind trio, 1999

String Quartet No. 4, 1997  

Lost Variations: Forgotten Episodes for Two Pianos, 1984

Improvisational Sketches, for chamber orchestra and jazz soloists, 1982

String Quartet No. 3, 1981

Oboe Sonata, 1980

String Quartet No.2, 1977

String Quartet No.1, 1976

Variations on a Serenade, for piano solo, 1975  

Interface Variations, for piano solo, 1974  

Two Binaries, for piano solo, 1974

Two Duets, for viola and cello, 1973

Serenade, for piano solo, 1973


Vocal Works


Twelve Words, for a cappella choir, 1999  

Songs of the Ages, a secular oratorio for four soloists, chorus and orchestra, 1978

Lines for an Old Man, for tenor voice, guitar and English horn, 1978

An Ash in the Water, for mezzo-soprano voice and chamber orchestra, 1976

Morning Tide, for mezzo-soprano voice and piano, 1973


Orchestra Works

In the Country, for chamber orchestra, 2022

The Great Organ Fantasia, for nine virtual organs, 2020

Canticles Derived from the Fragmentary Remains of the Journals 

of Commander Nemo Oz, for virtual orchestra and mixed voices, 2017

Capriccio for Strings, for string orchestra, 2014

Aquarianas,  symphonic poem, 2013

Corpora Nebulae, symphonic poem, 2011

December Lights, concert overture 2009

Still Waters, concert overture, 2007

The Beach, symphonic poem, 2003

Diavolo Gigante, for string orchestra, 2001

Phases, for solo violin, string orchestra and percussion, 1974

Divertimento Sinfonietta, for string orchestra, 1993

An American Calendar, incidental music for poem cycle, 1991

Mosaic, for chamber orchestra, 1991

Symphony No.3, orchestra, 1988


Collected Film Music, electro-acoustic music composed for corporate and industrial films, videos, television themes and television commercials, 1988 - 1996


The Continents, electro-acoustic suite, 1987, released on the Nebula label, distributed worldwide by Harmonia Mundi


World's Fair Set, 7 collected jazz tunes, 1984



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