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             Works available on compact discs:






In the Country, for chamber orchestra - AB502

The Great Organ Fantasia, for nine virtual organs - AB830

Canticles Derived from the Fragmentary Remains of the

Journals of Commander Nemo Oz, for virtual orchestra and voices -  AB317

Capriccio for Strings, for string orchestra -  AB1214

Aquarinas, a symphonic poem for orchestra  -  AB1213

The Beach, a symphonic poem for orchestra  -  AB89

The Continents, an electronic suite for Synclavier  -  NU5005 

Corpora Nebulae, a symphonic poem for orchestra  -  AB57

Der Grosse Waldteufel, for woodwind quartet  -  AB115 

Divertimento Sinfonietta, for string orchestra  -  AB227

Five Bagatelles, for clarinet, trumpet, percussion and piano  -  AB27

In the City, for four pianos  -  AB91

Lost Variations: Forgoten Episodes for Two Pianos, for two pianos  -  AB229

Mosaic, for chamber orchestra  -  AB128

Ornamentia: Ornament Madness, for woodwind trio  -  AB108

Piano Variations, for solo piano  -  AB89

Shards of Memory, for piano trio  -  AB137

String Quartet No. 4  -  AB297

Toccata Diabolique, for virtual organ  -  AB186




CDs are 2-channel stereo, 44.1 kHz, full fidelity wave recordings in jewel case packaging, with complete liner notes about the works and details of the recordings.


Ordering information is on the "ORDERING CDs" page.

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